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Emerald Fox Press is entirely female-owned and operated. We’re a small team, and by small we mean it’s just the two of us, and we handcraft every piece ourselves. That’s right; EVERY. SINGLE. THING. It all passes through our hands, which is why we take such pride in our textures, designs and even our imperfections.


Emerald Fox Press is the love child of our combined passion for creating and desire to build a business that we both couldn’t wait to get to work at everyday. We have years of varied experience between the two of us which developed our design skills, but this was an entirely new enterprise for us to venture into. It started as a need; a need for an available printer during the global pandemic we now call Covid-19, and blossomed into a beautiful partnership that has challenged and blessed our lives in ways that we never would have imagined. Together we have tested a lot of things, failed at even more, and have truly come into our own as we meld our strengths and vision together to produce something we are proud to share with the world.


D  E  S  I  G  N    &    V  I  S  I  O  N 

The heart of Emerald Fox Press is fueled by our shared love of beautiful paper and goods that are high-quality, luxurious, and unique. We are captivated by the miracle that is life; always giving us a reason to celebrate which we hope to share with you through our thoughtfully crafted products. 

Our goal is to create products that become a part of your daily rhythms and make your life a little more beautiful and well managed.


When you hold an Emerald Fox Press creation we want you to know that we took care in crafting each piece, and that each item is something we love and use ourselves! We believe in our passion, vision, hardwork and aim to spread joy and love with you with every single piece of paper that passes from our hands to yours.



I went to a preforming arts school in southern Utah, my childhood home, where I studied stage design and visual art. I spent countless hours painting sets and soaking up as much experience behind the curtain as I could. In my humble opinion, the best part of visual art is taking something unexpected and making it into something else. You can tell a story with just a few squiggly lines, and you can turn a cardboard carpet role into a gleaming pillar of solid marble. It's amazing! ​My husband and I got married in 2011 and moved to San Diego, where I went to school and became a certified makeup artist. My dream then was to be a special effects makeup artist on movie sets, but I shortly after gave birth to our first child and my plans changed. 


I fell in love with the illustrations in our daughter's picture books and realized that I could do what I love AND stay with our daughter, which is truly where my heart lies. Now living in the Pacific Northwest, with two kids that we homeschool, I've never been so glad for the inspiration and opportunity. Staying home has given me the space and time to develop my own style and to test things (and fail at things) in private. There are so many illustrations and designs that have never seen the light of day haha! 

Other than illustrating and design, I am also a musician, writing music and singing with my husband (the most talented man alive.) I also LOVE cooking, being outdoors, black coffee and anything French!




When I was 18 I started a small boutique and I was hooked! I knew I wanted to pursue an entrepreneurial life and run my own business. I love to create and make old things new again; transforming forgotten things, or giving a fresh perspective to something that was once considered useless. I was recently married to my best friend, who happens to own his own business. His encouragement and knowledge has helped me feel confident in pursuing my own passions.

I am a planner at heart; I love it when a plan comes together (haha!) Weddings and events are an exciting challenge to me and I take pride in seeing my visions come to fruition. 

I’ve tried my hand at a lot of different things; furniture restoring, decorating, jewelry design, wedding planning, you name it! All of these experiences have honed my skills and highlighted what I am truly passionate about. 


My experience helps me plan and create products that I know you will love and that will help you prepare for all of your exciting life moments. When not planning my next event, I can be found on the back of my husband’s motorcycle or in the great outdoors with our sweet chocolate lab Nova. I love crafting, the color green, sushi, adventuring with friends and trying new things.


M  E  E  T    T  H  E   F  O  U  N  D  E  R  S

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